Wednesday 15 May 2019

A fabulous and memorable evening with legendary wine man  David Nieuwoudt and his exceptional wines from the Cederberg, Ghost Corner and his Longavi Chilean wines along with the finest sushi by Nicola Chapman and team from Oh So Sushi!  David Nieuwoudt the current owner and wine maker at Cederberg is proudly fifth generation Nieuwoudt with the family inhabiting the Cederberg since the mid 1800’s. He is a member (by invitation only) of the highly esteemed Cape Wine makers guild.


In addition to making award-winning wines in the Cederberg, David  spotted the huge potential of Elim, a small and promising maritime region within the Cape Agulhas district, close to South Africa’s most southerly point The extreme and mysterious landscape at the southernmost tip of Africa has been the inspiration for the Ghost Corner wines.


Longavi wines is a collaboration between two friends from different continents, Chilean producer Julio Bouchon and South African winemaker David Nieuwoudt who teamed up in 2012 to produce wines in Chile’s Leyda Valley. Longaví means ‘snakes head’ derived from a stratovolcano called Nevado de Longavi and the vine wreath on the label denotes the Ourobos, an ancient African symbol that represents nature’s eternal cycle of renewal.




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