Chamonix Wines


Since being acquired by German-born entrepreneur and adventurer Chris Hellinger two decades ago, the estate has undergone tremendous improvements, and offers visitors a host of culinary and recreational options in spectacular surroundings.

From the secluded Forest Lodge overlooking scenic Franschhoek Valley to the renowned Arkeste restaurant, from our diverse facilities to the wide array of fine wines, spirits and other delights on offer, everything we do at Chamonix is done with love, passion and an unwavering attention to detail.

Wines on offer:

Chamonix Reserve range-

  • Chardonnay Reserve
  • Troika
  • Pinot Noir Reserve

Chamonix range-

  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Unoaked Chardonnay
  • Chardonnay
  • Rose
  • Rouge
  • Feldspar Pinot Noir
  • Pinotage Greywacke
  • Cabernet Franc

Chamonix Reserve Range

Chardonnay Reserve

The wine has a bright straw yellow colour with golden highlights and exquisite aroma, with scents reminiscent of tropical fruit, ginger, spice and oatmeal. Well-structured and minerally with flavours of lime and toasted almonds on the palate. Prime drinking begins at 3-4 years, although top vintages remain impressive for up to 10 years.


The Chamonix Troika has a deep ruby­mulberry colour on release, with scents that recall vanilla, sweet ripe cherries, blackberries and other spices. The wine is well structured; full, round and smooth on the palate with rich fruit and berry sensations, fine harmony and length of flavour.

Pinot Noir Reserve

The Chamonix Pinot Noir Reserve shows a ruby red colour, with notes of cherry, wild red berries, crushed black pepper and violets on the nose. Although firm in structure and intense in flavour, textures are mellow and round, expanding with time to extraordinary opulence and length on the palate.

Chamonix Range

Sauvignon Blanc

On release our Sauvignon Blanc shows a pale straw colour with greenish highlights and ample, yet refined, aromas with scents reminiscent of tropical fruit and lemon grass, with figs and pomelo grapefruit on the palate. It is full and round with rich fruit sensations balanced by bracing natural acidity.

Unoaked Chardonnay

On release it has a bright straw colour with greenish highlights and an intense aroma that recalls ripe apples, lime and pears with hints of herbs and tropical fruit. Bright and steely dry in flavour, the grapefruit and spice sensations are buoyed by zesty acidity that refreshes the palate through a smooth finish.


This elegant wine is complex with citrus and pear notes that is complemented by an intriguing nuttiness and a crisp finish.


Pale, greenish gold. Reflecting classic aromas of elderberry flower and green fig on the nose And crisp, green litchi flavours on the palate.
Baleia’s food-driven wines present a delicate sensation of minerality which is expressed by natural salts found in the soils and prepares the palate beautifully.


An exotic Rose with a bouquet of watermelon and candy floss with lingering flavours of strawberry cheesecake and light spice on the palate. The delicate sensation of minerality present in Baleia’s wines is an expression of the natural salts found in the soils and prepares the
palate beautifully. Serve with flavours of the Far East for a mouth-watering pairing.

Feldspar Pinot Noir

The Feldspar Pinot Noir has a bright red colour. The bouquet is complex with scents recalling wild berries, spice, sour cherries and violets. On the palate the wine shows a medium body with fruit flavours and elegant tannins, leading to a long finish.

Pinotage Greywacke 

The Greywacke Pinotage has a deep garnet red colour with tinges of dark violet when young. The bouquet is complex with scents recalling wild berries, spice and cherries. On the palate the wine shows full body and rich dark chocolate with fruit flavours, balanced elegantly by tannins, with a long and lingering finish that reveals a sweetness reminiscent of liquorice.

Cabernet Franc

On release the Cabernet Franc shows a deep ruby mulberry colour and intense bouquet with scents reminiscent of bell pepper, red berries, spice and cigar box. A wine of ample structure fills the mouth with concentrated fruit and berry sensations.