“You will never be the same again. You reading this is no coincidence. Your passion for liberation from the materialistic clutches of this capitalist construct guided you to independence. You are free. You are now. Your thoughts are a machete hacking through the veil of mediocrity maintained by the shadow elite. Your power-animal is a raised fist. Your middle finger, a burning flag. Your voice, a weapon of distant screaming, FOKOF! into the furrowed faces of our oppressor overlords. The spirit of FOKOF has led you to the water, you magnificent bastard.

Now drink from the fountain of progression or.. you know… This is just a lager, buddy, Fukn have a few.

Beers on Offer:

  • Devils Peak Fokof lager 330ml bottle

Devils Peak Fokof lager 330ml bottle

Clean crisp malt character supported by a mild, spicy and slightly floral aroma of the famous noble Hallertauer MittelfruÃàh hops on the nose. Pale yellow in colour and brilliantly clear. Medium white head with good retention

Easy drinking, fresh and vibrant