Painted Wolf Wines

Our aim is to create expressive, bold, fruit driven wines which reflect the rich terroirs of South Africa. We are avid fans of the proudly South African grape varietals Pinotage and Chenin Blanc, which are at the heart of our range of wines. This has resulted in collection of wines as diverse and interesting as the African wild dogs we support.

Wines on Offer:

  • Painted Wolf Den Chenin Blanc
  • Painted Wolf Den Sauvignon Blanc
  • Painted Wolf Den Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Painted Wolf Den Pinotage
  • Painted Wolf Den Shiraz
  • Painted Wolf Old Vine Chenin
  • Painted Wolf Peloton Rouge
  • Painted Wolf Guillermo Pinotage
  • Painted Wolf Syrah
  • Painted Wolf Grenache Lycaon
  • Painted Wold Pictus V White
  • Painted Wolf Pictus IV

Painted Wolf Den Chenin Blanc

This wine has a bright aroma and flavour. Soft, peach, lemon and guava with an underlying savoury minerality and a whisper of wood.

Painted Wolf Den Sauvignon Blanc

A soft and full flavoured wine which balances cooler aromas of fynbos, green figs and minerality with warmer region tropical fruit aromas.

Painted Wolf Den Cabernet Sauvignon

A crowd pleasing medium to full-bodied wine with typical Cab flavours of red and black berries and cigar box augmented by toasty oak.

Painted Wolf Den Pinotage

Medium to full bodied with ripe boysenberry and mulberry, savoury spice, milk chocolate and toasty wood flavours.

Painted Wolf Den Shiraz

Medium to full bodied with spicy, black cherry and black berry fruit.

Painted Wolf Old Vine Chenin

An elegant wine, with an aroma of peach cobbler, lime and vanilla.

Painted Wolf Peloton Rouge

Layers of fresh fruit are complemented by savoury notes on the palate.

Painted Wolf Guillermo Pinotage

A bright vibrant wine with spicy red berry fruit, with evident ripe tannins and a long lingering finish.

Painted Wolf Syrah

A rich harmonious full bodied wine with juicy dark fruit, savoury smoked ham, all spice and aromatic wood aromas.

Painted Wolf Grenache Lycaon

A lovely rich mélange of sweet and crunchy red berry fruit, subtle pepper spice flavours, and aromas harmonized with sweet oak.

Painted Wolf Pictus V White

A focused melange of stone fruit, citrus, mineral and spice with a precise and refreshing finish.

Painted Wolf Pictus IV

An elegant, full bodied wine exhibiting red berry, pepper spice, toasty oak and savoury aromas