Cluver and Jack Cider

The Cluver and Jack ciders are made in the Paul Cluver Winery, using a generations-old Jack family methodology. Paul Cluver and Bruce Jack have been friends for many years and continue to play pivotal roles in the South African wine industry. They have long-planned to craft a very special cider and so revive old family traditions. Their carefully grown apples are hand-picked from the tree, not off the ground, where they soon start to rot. They are chopped up into little pieces in a hopper and then pressed in a specially designed belt press, which slowly squeezes all the juice out. This cider is a wholesome reflection of De Rust farm. It is crafted with obsessive attention to detail, from the way the orchards are farmed to how the fresh-pressed juice is patiently crafted into cider. The focus is on crisp, refreshing balance and natural, fresh apple flavours. It is much dryer than high volume, commercial ciders and pairs well with food, just like a good champagne would.

Products on offer:

  • Cluver Jack Cider 330ml