Dragon Brewing Company

Armed with only a passion for brewing, a love of ginger beer and a desire to get more good-quality brew on the South African market, Dragon founder, Warren Harries-Jones, started formulating a home-fermented alcoholic ginger beer from his garage. After much trial and error – and a couple of explosions – the taste and fermentation levels were finally perfected. When they looked for a name for their new brew, Dragon was an easy choice – its link with the burn of fiery ginger beer was obvious, but this particular Dragon, the Welsh Dragon, also happens to be part of the Harries-Jones family crest. Why ginger? Many South Africans have grown up with a taste for strong ginger beer. They wanted to be able to enjoy this flavour, but with an alcoholic twist.

Products on offer:

  • Dragon Fiery Ginger Beer 330ml