With time and attention, they craft their single varietal SXOLLIE ciders. Apples sourced from the cool orchards of Elgin in the Cape Town region are pressed, with the fresh juice then fermented in stainless steel tanks. Champagne yeasts are used to ensure an elegant flavour profile, before careful bottling and carbonation that delivers a delicate sparkle to the final product. The result? A light, easy-drinking, sessionable cider that captures the essence of the fruit. Their mantra says it all: “We speak for those busting it out there to make it big in the world. Join us, and embrace your inner SXOLLIE. Have the cheek to take a chance, pursue that glint in your eye, keep an eye on the prize, release your inner rebel, stay young in thought and stylish at heart, spread your love and remember… a little hustle goes a long way.”

Products on offer:

  • Sxollie Granny Smith Cider 330ml
  • Sxollie Golden Delicious Cider 330ml
  • Sxollie Pear Cider 330ml