Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company was born in the craft beer revolution where it is proud to have a part in educating the South African beer consumers on the variety and quality that exists across the beer landscape. In a blend of modern-traditionalism, retro-progression, they look to the US, the home of the global craft beer explosion, and Belgium, the traditional home of beer, for guidance their styles. Their passion is to create beers with character and depth using exclusively the finest ingredients from around the globe. They produce a wide range of styles and, in the vein of successful microbreweries abroad, they produce both year-round and seasonal styles. Their hops, which are harvested annually, come from all corners of the globe. They do make use of some locally farmed (George origin) hops, but the bulk of their hops is sourced from Slovenia, United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand and Germany.

Products on offer:

  • Devils Peak Lager 340ml
  • Devils Peak Pale Ale 340ml
  • Devils Peak First light Golden Ale 340ml
  • Devils Peak Kings Block House IPA 340ml