Cape Point Vineyards

Cape Point Vineyards is an award-winning winery with a restaurant and a function venue, located in Noordhoek – a mere 33 kms from Cape Town.

It is here in Noordhoek where the close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean provides cool breezes to nurture a terroir that is ideal for the cultivation of World Class Sauvignon Blanc wines.

The Cape Point vineyards restaurantpicnic site and function venue is located in a unique setting with 360-degree views of mountains, fynbos, vineyards, and glorious sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean.

Wines on offer:

  • Cape Point Sauvignon Blanc 2016
  • Cape Point Chardonnay 2014
  • Cape Point Isliedh 2014

Cape Point Sauvignon Blanc 

An elegant representation of our unique terroir, with hints of floral spice, cardamom and white pepper. The generous fruit profile showcases lemon, tangerine and ripe nectarines. Combining all the elements of our beautiful coastal setting with notes of kelp and a salty sea breeze character own to Cape Point. The delicate notes of perfumed spring blossoms with subtle hints of oak ageing gives this wine added layers of complexity. The palate is rich and textured with a pithy quality, finishing with the characteristic lengthy mineral edge.

Cape Point Chardonnay

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Cape Point Isliedh

Isliedh is a remarkable combination of Cape coastal Sauvignon Blanc drenched in richly textured Sémillon. Both varieties adding to the complexity of the wine.

Splattered Toad


Splattered Toad is dedicated to a lovable Noordhoek local Western Leopard Toad.

Ever dodging traffic in nightly pursuit of refreshment, this rather large (up to 140 mm) and beautiful amphibian remains endangered.

Splattered Toad is vibrant and fruit forward in style.

Wines on offer: 

  • Splattered Toad Sauvignon Blanc 2016
  • Splattered Toad Shiraz 2014

Splattered Toad Sauvignon Blanc

Bright tropical fruit, limes, grapefruit, freshly cut grass and green pepper characteristics on the nose leap to a zesty, lively palate that bursts with flavour and freshness and finishes dry with a cheeky zing.

Splattered Toad Shiraz

Loads of ripe berries and cherries jump out along with subtle oak spice undertones following through with a velvety palate supported by soft tannins and great red and black fruit succulence.