Darling Cellars

The cool and temperate West Coast climate lends itself to a variety of different micro- and meso-climates which, along with the different soil types, lead to unique grapes which we guide into even more unique wines. With approximately 95% of all our vineyards being unirrigated (dry land) and roughly the same percentage being bush vines (i.e. not  trellised), this is as close as one can get to what nature intended for grapes to be.

These varying factors result in wines that are true to the terroir from which they come and are true to the identity which we have crafted over time for our wines. Investment continues in the winery and cellar with some of the most modern and up-to-date winemaking equipment in our industry today. A modern bottling line, new presses, a barrel maturation cellar, a new grape off-loading system and continuing replanting of vineyards, to include noble cultivars, all contribute to our advances in contemporary winemaking.

Wines on offer:

  • Darling Cellars Sweet White
  • Darling Cellars Sweet Rose 
  • Darling Cellars Sweet Red
  • Darling Cellars Chenin Sauvignon Blanc 
  • Darling Cellars Merlot Rose 
  • Darling Cellars Cabernet Merlot 
  • Darling Cellars Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 
  • Darling Cellars Reserve Chardonnay 
  • Darling Cellars Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • Darling Cellars Reserve Pinotage 
  • Darling Cellars Reserve Merlot 
  • Darling Cellars Reserve Shiraz 
  • Darling Cellars Reserve Chocoholic Pinotage 
  • Darling Cellars Sir Charles Henry Darling Bordeaux Blend 
  • Darling Lime Kiln White

Darling Cellars Sweet White

A wine with many layers of tropical hints, honey and pear notes on the nose. This is floral and fruity wine that is supported by a fresh acidity. Makes for a perfect summer daytime drink!

Darling Cellars Sweet Rose

A blushing new blend showing fruity and floral aromas. This is a soft, friendly wine with a balanced sweetness on taste.

Darling Cellars Sweet Red

A complex wine with a combination of mostly red fruit  that includes raspberries, red pepper and black berry fruits on both the bouquet and palate. The rich sweetness on the palate makes this a wine to be enjoyed at any time and occasion.

Darling Cellars Chenin Sauvignon Blanc

A fruit forward wine with intriguing notes of melon, fruit salad, peaches, white pear and guava on your nose that follow through on your mid palate. Well structured mid palate with a fresh citrus lingering aftertaste covered by pineapple and lemony undertones.

Darling Cellars Merlot Rose

Light pink blush in colour, this is what summer drinking is all about. Arrays of strawberries, raspberries and candy floss are found on the nose that follow through on the palate with a refreshing aftertaste

Darling Cellars Cabernet Merlot 2016

A fruit forward wine with an array of complex aromas which include candy floss, red cherries, cranberries and mulberries. This elegant fruity wine will be a perfect fit for all festive occasions.

Darling Cellars Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

Initially a subdued bouquet opens up to aromas of green fig, asparagus, freshly cut grass and tropical fruit such as watermelon, passion fruit and pineapple. These flavours follow on the palate and are supported by a vibrant acidity that keeps the palate fresh

Darling Cellars Reserve Chardonnay 

An array of white pears, pineapple and lemon are the flavours on the nose that will follow through on the palate. A fruitful wine with a good mid palate, that ends off with a zesty lemon finish.

Darling Cellars Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine displays flavours of black berries, black current, red berries, chocolate, tobacco and a tinge of vanilla. On the palate a good amount of fine tannins which gives this wine a good length and an exciting journey awaits those who want to put this wine away. It will truly blossom with time.

Darling Cellars Reserve Pinotage

This wine is very expressive and complex on the nose with flavours of red berries, black cherries, vanilla, butterscotch, red plums, coffee and nuances of strawberries. On the palate the flavours follow through with good structure and silky tannins. A really balanced wine with elegance and a lengthy aftertaste.

Darling Cellars Reserve Merlot

This complex but also elegant wine spoils you with flavours of raspberry, ripe red plum, vanilla, coffee, liquorice, chocolate and nuances of tobacco. This wine has an elegant structure with velvety tannins and a surprisingly lengthy aftertaste.

Darling Cellars Reserve Shiraz

An amazing fruit forward wine with great complexity. The flavours of cherries, strawberries, red mulberries, pomegranate, liquorice, vanilla, red pepper and white pepper meet you on the nose. A very big structured wine with good fruit concentration on the palate. This fruit is carried through in a long lingering aftertaste.

Darling Cellars Reserve Chocoholic Pinotage

A vibrant display of a wide range of fruit and flavours that includes Turkish delight, chocolate, red and black cherries, vanilla, red plum and butterscotch. Just to name a few….The flavours follow through on the palate with an amazing structure and smooth supple tannins. This wine is perfectly balanced and well put together. This wine will tickle your taste buds and will be an amazing journey for all to experience the unique Darling terroir in a glass.

Darling Cellars Sir Charles Henry Darling Bordeaux Blend

A deep and complex wine with layers of black fruit, cedar, red plums, liquorice, chocolate and tobacco. Smooth but structured with a long lingering finish. In proper storage this wine will age very well.

Darling Cellars Lime Kiln White

This wine shows a lot of tropical notes like peaches apricot, honeycomb and orange peel. This is a seriously complexed wine that has a great mid palate with good length and ageing potential.