MAN wines

MAN wines are distinctive, modern-style wines with a touch of old world elegance. We call them “daily wines for wine geeks.” We’re focused on producing a range of varietal wines sourced from one fantastic region (the Agter-Paarl area) that offers “bang for your buck!”


Wines on offer:

  • Man Vintners Chardonnay 
  • Man Vintners Chenin
  • Man Vintners Pinotage 
  • Man Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • Man Vintners Syrah 
  • Man Vintners Merlot 
  • Man Vintners Sauvignon Blanc 

Man Vintners Chardonnay

Roadside “padstals” or “farmstalls” offering a range of farm produce goods and crafts are popular throughout South Africa. From simple shacks to elaborate venues, you’ll drive out of your way to find your favourite.

Man Vintners Chenin

Chenin Blanc thrives in the Mediterranean climate, deep soils and bush-vine vineyards of our region. We use only the free-run juice (no pressing of the grapes) to preserve its clean and natural character, refreshing acidity and delicious ripe fruit flavours.

Man Vintners Pinotage 

Bosstok refers to the untrellised bush-vine vineyards that make up more than half of the vineyards of our region. The bosstok Pinotage vineyards grow close to the ground, producing lower yields of concentrated, flavourful grapes.

Man Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is our most popular wine: this ou kalant (old rascal) remains a firm favourite, outfoxing the others by combining New World ripe fruit flavours with Old World elegance and charm.

Man Vintners Syrah 

Skaapveld refers to the grazing land for sheep that adjoins many of the Syrah vineyards in our region. Whether the sheep have any effect on the wine is open to debate, but they add a lively encouragement during harvest time.

Man Vintners Merlot 

The Jan Fiskaal (fiscal shrike) is a common sight in our vineyards. A small bird with a fierce reputation for driving out pests, its characteristic “chee-chee-chee” cry and black-and-white colouring make it easily recognisable.

Man Vintners Sauvignon Blanc

Our Sauvignon Blanc is produced from higher, cooler vineyards in the Cape. Warrelwind (whirlwinds) are common in the vineyards throughout summer. The seasonal winds cool the grapes and turn the windmills dotting the landscape.