Cloof Wine Estate

Nestled in the unique region of Darling lies a place, so wondrous, tranquil and enchanting that it’s no surprise that we are able to produce some of the most exceptional wines that this distinctive part of the world has to offer.

Cloof Wine Estate is truly off the beaten track, but it’s often the road less travelled that will lead you to places that will be etched in your mind forever, provide food for the soul and that will leave you lingering towards your next visit. This is what we strive for at Cloof.

We look forward to welcoming you to our estate and captivating you not only with our wines, but with the pure beauty of nature and Darling hospitality that we have to offer.

Wines on offer:

  • Cloof Duckitt White 
  • Cloof Inkspot 
  • Cloof Duckitt Cab Merlot
  • Cloof Very Sexy Shiraz 
  • Cloof Cellar Blend 
  • Cloof Crucible Shiraz 
  • Cloof Bushvine rose
  • Cloof Duckitt Merlot
  • Cloof Syrah
Cloof Duckitt White

The 2019 Sauvignon Blanc releases invigorating flavours of apple and green pepper on the nose, followed by lively passion fruit and white peach on the pallet.

Cloof Inkspot

Power and inky concentration, with a tightly woven structure and perfect balance. Intense nose of strawberries and plums with a hint of spices and slight smokiness from barrel maturation. Medium-bodied wine with soft ripe tannins and intense dark and red fruit flavours evolving in a very rounded finish.

Cloof Duckitt Cab Merlot

Rich ruby red colours with a dark berry and chocolate bouquet.
This Smokey Merlot explores an elegantly wooded palate with a silky finish. 

Cloof Very Sexy Shiraz

A deep, dark ruby red colour. Intense and complex flavours of white pepper, cloves, cinnamon supported by dark fruit flavours on the nose that follows through on the palate. A full-bodied wine with soft ripe tannins and intense spicy flavours.

Cloof Cellar Blend

Concentrated dark fruit nose with blackcurrant and blueberries leading the bouquet.
The dark fruits and ripe tannins emerge boldly on the pallet with a lingering Smokey finish.

Cloof Crucible Shiraz

Crucible is our premium Shiraz, produced only in minuscule quantities when conditions are optimal. This wine that derives its name from the hot and dry circumstances under which the vines ripen the grapes, is deeply concentrated, supported by a firm, yet elegant tannic structure. The conditions under which these wines flourish, is adversity that is literal and figurative crucible. This is our standard-bearer, and a wine of which we are extremely proud.

Cloof Bushvine Rose

A delicate pink / orange in colour, provanced style Rosé. A fruit forward nose leads to an elegant palate of strawberry and peach flavours, with a subtle, lingering finish.

Cloof Duckitt Merlot

Rich ruby red colours with a dark berry and chocolate bouquet.
This Smokey Merlot explores an elegantly wooded palate with a silky finish.

Cloof Cellar Syrah

All red meats will work with the Cloof Syrah, but it has a special affinity towards roasted pork loin and barbecued ribeye steak. It also accompanies wild game birds, like roasted pheasant on occasion.